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Who's Ready for a New Pod?


Wind howls over a post-apocalyptic hellscape inhabited by Mutos, Dregs, Primords, Field Major Styre of the Sontaran Empire, and the bandage-faced traffic warden from Threads. You shelter below ground, waiting for rad levels to drop to safe levels – alone, with nothing but minimal food rations and… somewhat improbably… five Doctor Who stories in any medium – TV, audio, film, novel, comic book. These artefacts will be your only link to the past – maybe for the rest of your life…

That's right Whovians! We have partnered with the incredible team at Cutaway Comics ( to bring you an all-new experience! 🎙️ 🎧

Join host Ian Winterton (Cracking the Feathers) as each week a special guest seeks shelter, deep underground in the safety of the post-apocalyptic bunker! Interviewed about their lives and careers via the prism of the most brilliant TV show ever created. Only allowed to pick five stories, we get to the heart of why they, like so many of us around the globe, love Doctor Who – and how becoming fans leaves us forever changed.

Sponsored by Cutaway Comics and devised and presented by Ian Winterton, The Bunker is produced by Bamalam Productions. Music by Paul Phillips, with additional voice performances from Brian Blessed and James Steventon.

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