Let's Talk Pride!

What does PRIDE mean to you? In 2018 to celebrate World Pride Month we invited six individuals to come and discussed that very question. When people talk about the LGBTQ+ community, are there questions you wish were answered more simply? What do those letters even stand for? More importantly who do they represent? 

LET’S TALK PRIDE! aims to answer all of this and much, much more. We will open up a rich dialogue with artists, allies, ANYONE who is open to presenting and discussing the biggest topics queer culture in

2020 has to offer. Alongside our host, we will invite guests to sit down for a relaxed chat, maybe over a glass of vino, who knows... and discuss important issues such as the continual rise of homophobia, the rate of LGBTQ+ hate crime per capita rose by 144% between 2013-14 and 2017-18. This alone shows we need to change peoples attitudes and ensure that those in the community won’t be facing this in 2030. We want to ensure we are open to receiving listener questions, allowing those who are confused by queer culture to ask and more importantly be answered by someone who has first hand experience with these issues.

All of this might sound a touch heavy on the doom and gloom, so we aim to keep things light with “games”, allowing listeners to join in at home, encouraging a sense of larger community and providing that all important safe space to share, which we all crave and deserve in this ever divisive and changing world. So come on, LET’S TALK PRIDE!