Microphone Sound Editing

Our studio is based in Wigan's historic Trencherfield Mill, whose mill engine is one of the largest and finest working examples of its type, built over 100 years ago and regarded as a feat of industrial engineering. We are passionate about projects that highlight and celebrate our towns heritage. In the autumn of 2018 we collaborated with the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts on THE MILL PROJECT, a collection of monologues and duologues, written by local writers to celebrate the Mill's 110th Anniversary.

At Bamalam we're passionate about giving a voice to all members within our community. As a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) our activities will provide benefit to a range of people and groups who would otherwise not have easy and affordable access to the recorded media. We aim to encourage and promote creativity in school children by providing them with the opportunity to not only write poetry and have it performed and produced on the radio, in podcast form, but also for them to create short plays and have them professionally produced. We also aim to work in a similar way with local amateur dramatic groups, a sector in society that struggle with funds and often audiences. By helping them produce some of their work for radio and broadcasting it via Podcasts, iTunes and Spotify, we hope to help them increase their audiences and thereby hopefully engage more people to participate. We would also like to work with local history groups who often have a wealth of local stories in the written form, and provide them with the opportunity to broadcast their memoirs, plays and poetry with a local flavour again broadening their engagement.

By matching the talent of new performers with new and local creative ideas such as local poetry, spoken word, local history and short plays, we aim to not only help new performers gain professional credits in their career of choice but to knit the fabric of our community by bringing groups together and widening engagement.